Smart Cities are cutting-edge future cities that provide safe and comfortable life to citizens with effective urban management by processing various city information collected through intelligent infrastructure.

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    Incheon Smart City Corporation leads the development of advanced cities in overseas markets.

    Integrated Platform

    Provides core functions for real-time decision-making necessary to safely operate and manage the entire city.

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    Baro Bus (BIS)

    Bus information is produced in the integrated platform and served directly to on-site terminals using web-based technology.

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    Environment Drone Platform

    Environment information is produced in the integrated platform and served directly to on-site terminals using web-based technology.

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    Intelligent Vehicles CRM

    Smart CRM Platform that provides IoT AI self-driving customized services.

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    Cloud Data Center

    Applies the SDDC (Software Defined Data Center) Technology and guarantees the solubility and scalability of infrastructure resources and the provision of sustainable smart city services.

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    Smart Device

    It provides smart facilities management services to operate the center 24 hours a day through the stable operation of smart devices.



    Incheon Smart City Corporation is the local government’s IT service company specialized in consulting, designing and operating smart cities.
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    梅窜 IT扁贱阑 官帕栏肺 档矫烹钦款康季磐甫 烹秦 档矫甫 瓤啦利栏肺 包府窍绊, 矫刮甸俊霸 蜡侩茄 辑厚胶甫 力傍窍绰 档矫甫 款康钦聪促.

    Incheon Smart City Corporation manages cities effectively through an integrated operation center based on cutting-edge IT, and provides useful services to citizens.

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    The integrated operation center provides integrated management services using public data to commercial buildings and housing spaces to reduce and optimize operational costs and increase value.

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    牢玫胶付飘矫萍狼 扁贱楷备家绰 沥何 棺 瘤磊眉狼 胶付飘矫萍 楷备俺惯阑 荐青窍绊 乐嚼聪促. 4瞒 魂诀酋疙苞 歹阂绢 胶付飘矫萍 琴缴扁贱牢 荤拱牢磐齿, 努扼快靛, 牢傍瘤瓷, 候单捞磐, 公牢捞悼眉 包访 傈巩扁贱 棺 傈巩啊甫 焊蜡窍绊 乐栏哥 惫郴寇 楷备扁包, 切拌 棺 蜡噶芒诀扁诀苞 窃膊 胶付飘矫萍 犬魂阑 困秦 畴仿窍绊 乐嚼聪促.

    The Technology Research Center of Incheon Smart City Corporation is conducting research and development projects related to smart cities to central and local government authorities. It holds core technologies of smart cities compatible to the 4th Industrial Revolution including IoT, Cloud, AI, Big Data, UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), etc. with the best experts in the area who are working to the expansion of smart cities alongside prospective organizations and national and international research and academic institutes.

    INCHEON SMART CITY Related Institutions

    Established as a local government owned company to support and execute Incheon and IFEZ's smart city initiatives.
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